DA PASQUALE             

Call : (03) 9482 6260 or (03) 9482 6960

A family-owned restaurant that specializes in traditional Italian dishes and wood-oven pizza.


Great News
We Serve Cocktails!

Gluten Free Pizza & Pasta  Available

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Calendar 2020

 Extra Monday Open:

9th March, Labour Day

13th April, Easter Monday

8th June, Queen's Birthday

14th Dec Monday Open

21st Dec Monday Open

28th Dec Monday Open


                                      27th Jan Australian Day (Monday)

                                   12th April, Easter Sunday

                                   25th Dec, Christmas Day (Friday)

Other Business Hours as Usual

Tue. - Thur. Dinner

Fri. - Sun Lunch & Dinner 

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Our story 

We specialize in traditional dishes straight from Italy and gourmet wood-fire pizza. Our restaurant aims to provide you with a quality meal every visit combined with affordable prices. From our friendly service to our relaxing atmosphere, we want to create an experience that is perfect for the whole family.

In 1999, Mr. Pasquale created Da Pasquale with the vision of it becoming a restaurant serving ingredients of the highest quality but also being affordable. Since 1999 management has changed several times with the most recent one being in 2004. Since 2004 the kitchen has been completely renovated to cope with the demand and the interior has been expanded to hold almost double what it used to be able to. Although there have been many changes, our vision has never faltered. So come in and see for yourself, the food is fresh and the prices are affordable.